Keep it simple, Make it fast! Crossing Borders of Underground Music Scenes

13 to 17 July 2015

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We are pleased to announce the KISMIF International Conference 2015. 

“Keep It Simple, Make It Fast! (KISMIF) Crossing Borders of Underground Music Scenes” will take place in Porto, Portugal between 15th July and 17th July 2015. 

The submission of papers for this conference is open to academic researchers working in all areas of sociology, anthropology, history, cultural economics, geography, urban planning, media and cultural studies and cognate disciplines, including design, illustration musicology, popular music and visual and performing arts.

The conference will be preceded by a two-day summer school on (13th to 14th July) entitled “Gettin' Underground Together!”. The summer school will offer an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students, including those staying on for the conference, to attend specialist master classes and discuss their research in seminars led by top academics in the field.